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Great Lengths Premium Extensions Service

Extension Attachment~
Great Lengths has created an extremely high-tech method of bonding between the Great Lengths strand and your own hair. Great Lengths extensions are bonded with a keratin bond near the scalp. The point of attachment is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure mimics that of real human hair. The extension will possess all the same characteristics of your actual hair.

Effect on hair~
The Great Lengths synthesized keratin bond mimics your natural hair’s structure by expanding and contracting with your hair shaft. This results in no strain on the hair. When applied and maintained properly, the application will not damage your hair.

Removal is recommended every 4-6 months depending on the individual client.  As your hair grows, the bond will naturally grow out with your hair.  Extensions should be removed by a specially formulated Great Lengths removal gel in the salon. When applied, this gel gently breaks down the bond and with the removal tool, the extensionist is able to slide the bond down your own hair with no damage to your own hair.

Brush Requirement~
Hair extensions require a special soft bristle brush. This particular brush will allow you to brush close to the scalp without getting caught in the synthesized protein bond.

Great Lengths hair extensions require little maintenance, but like your own hair, to keep it healthy and looking good there is a little work. Brushing it regularly and wearing it in a low pony-tail or braid to sleep at night will help longevity. Because Great Lengths extensions are 100% human hair they can be treated in just the same way as your own hair –straighten, curl, perm and even color. You can swim in the extension, however avoid having the extensions in a pool regularly, chlorine is bad for your hair in general. Have your hair up in a bun to avoid the water.

Great Lengths extension service vary greatly from client to client because each service is a custom service. Consultations are free at Tonya's Studio.  Call 402-880-1585

Tonya R Taylor

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